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      I’ve been looking for a little while now to see if there were Amara-type cases on the market for SD cards. I’m talking about cases like what you see for the Nintendo Switch, but with holding slots that are big enough to hold the average square SD card, not the Switch card. I’m thinking that I could offer wedding and event videos on SD card in a way that mimics a DVD or Blu-Ray.

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    You could be facing quite a problem; I doubt you’ll find many in the general public who have SD card readers. You would probably do better offering your videos on a Flash drive.

    As for the SD cases, have you tried B&H, Film tools, Amazon, etc?

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    SD card readers? Last I checked, just about every laptop being sold had one installed to allow people to copy photo’s from camera’s or cell phones, whether the camera or cell phone to a regular SD card or a MicroSD card.

    But I’ve been thinking about this because with DVD’s my clients get an Amaray case with photo artwork and it looks really nice in terms of presentation (for my business, Blu-Ray is a dead format, no one wants it, but if they did, I would still be using DVD Amarays’ for it) whereas USB’s look rather plain and rather industrial.

    I know that Amaray makes SD Card Cases like DVD cases (http://www.amaray.com/markets/media-packaging/sd-card-case) but the question is where to get them in small quantities, since to order from them would require a minimum of 50,000.

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