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      My family has a successful business that has been going on for generations. Now the latest heir to the business is getting old and I’m planning to do a history video production as a memoir. But this is just my first time doing this, what recording format should I use for this type of recording?

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      4K 30P, or 4K 60P. If your camera supports 4K 60P shoot some test footage and see if you prefer the 60P or 30P look.

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      I’ve no intention of going 4K for quite a while. I can shoot it, but I don’t. I’ve never found format to be an issue really – so many people still don’t even have 1080 capable TVs! 1080 for me will still be my prime format for a while yet. Many UK regional broadcasters are still broadcasting SD, coded up to 1080 for transmission and nobody notices!

      1080 with high quality glass looks better to me than 4K from a small, less precision ground lens.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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