What video editor project settings for4K to be played mostly to PC but some HDtv

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      Hi there,
      Using my new 4k camcorder it offers 25p and 60 or 100Mbps, I am on 60, hope thats ok.
      Wishing to play the edited footage on the PC monitor and I do see a difference , you dont need a 4K monitor ! or if you had one then wow ! but I find mine shows 4K and whilst its not 4k it sure looks better than HD. I thus wonder if a HD tv would also show 4K and better than HD …IF PLAYED… 4K from a PC ?

      My question, I am wondering what project settings should I choose for editing my footage in the likes of vegas or davinci to play it back to PC monitor from the PC ? ..or also the HD tv if I had a long enough hdmi cable, else get a laptop to do it.

      Not wishing to burn Bluray if can avoid it. usb_HDD such as WesternDigital MyPassport to TV easier for me if they accept such ! Else it will be a laptop playing to HDtv via hdmi if such a method is possible ?

      Would the project settings also suffice if I were do the laptop play method or to burn it to bluray ? or is the bluray disc going to mean a different project setting meaning do the editing all over again ?

      Would the laptop play to HD tv mean a different project ?

      naive question if I were to make a HD project do I still burn to bluray ? Was DVD-R purely for SD ?


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      Shoot at 25fps, 4K at about 40 mbps. When you import the clip to the editor, use the existing clip setting and check setting to see it matches what you shot at. You can set the export to h.264, 4K, 25fps 40Mbps. You can save your clip and export settings as custom profiles in the editor. Shooting and exporting at 4k looks sharper on a 2K screen than 2K does. Just go to youtube, using your 2K monitor and see the difference between the 4K and HD settings on youtube for a 4K video.
      Blu ray will preserve the 4K resolution. Regular dvd’s aren’t even HD, they are SD resolution.

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      Than you so very much for replying.
      You say set the project to what the clip is, in my case its 4k 25p 60Mbps. Ok will do,
      If I have some at 100mbps what happens then ?
      I have discovered why panning with Sony AX100E camcorder filming 4K makes for a jittery pan, when I choose HD I have a choice of 25p or 50p, 25p again jittery but 50p is smooth. I am only offered 25p for the 4k setting, I am also offered either 60Mbps or 100Mbps but no 40Mbps.
      I love the 4k quality but the panning jitters is caused by the 25p and is spoiling it for me.
      I either go over to HD or try to fix it in video editor. Would output as 50fps do it I wonder, I can but try. or what fx is the one to solve it. If it can make it smooth then I can happily continue to use 4K.

      Using Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum and DaVinci Resolve 16 on trial, so whichever is better at that will win.


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      4K shows more detail than HD so maybe the pan is jittery, but 4K shows it. Are you using a tripod? Is your pan too fast or uneven speed? You can export at whatever Mbps you choose. When you add the clip, just use the clip settings for your sequence in the editor. Personally I don’t see much difference beyond about 40Mbps, but you can test this out with a short clip of say 10 seconds shot and exported at the different Mbps settings and see if you can see any difference. You can also take a screenshot of a single frame (where the frame is steady) with the VLC player and compare the single frames. Of course experiment with HD at 25fps and 50fps to see the diffence as well. 50fps will be sharper than 24fps, so maybe the pans will look jittery again as they do in 4K. I don’t believe either causes the jittery look, but they just show it.

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