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      Can anyone tell me what kind of technique is being used for this type of video: https://njproper.com/mls-19-romopock
      I’m a real estate agent in NJ and I can’t find anyone to do the same exact video type.
      It’s a full walk through as you can see and I’m looking to do the exact concept for my listings.
      The person who does this video in the link is only working with that agent. All other professional video maker that I know of are doing totally something else.
      I’m willing to try it by myself if it’s not too complicated.
      Thank in advance

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      Are you talking about the walkthrough or the 3D space? Personally I think the walkthrough is better as the 3D space is kind of clunky to use.
      As far as the walkthrough I would guess he used a handheld gimbal with a stabilizer and walked through at a normal rate then sped up or slowed down sections in a video editor like Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro lets you pick start and stop points so the speed up or slow down is smooth.

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      Yes I was refereeing to the walk through. Do you know any other cheaper video editor alternative for the same editing. Thanks for the info

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        I have used Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro for years, so I don’t pay any monthly charges. I don’t know of a cheaper video editor that would do the same but Davinci Resolve is free and might do it as it has most of the capabilities of Premiere Pro. However I find DaVinci Resolve to have a steep leaning curve.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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