What Is This Video Style *URGENT*

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      Filming Video Tomorrow & Desperately Need To Know What This Video Style Is Called:

      Long Story Short.. I’ve fallen in love with the girl I’ve been seeing for a while now. We both had rough long term relationships previous to this. So we have been taking it slow, as we wanted to get to know each other on a deeper level. We’ll now I’m ready to take it to the next step, and I’m hoping she is too.

      I have written a love letter (103 word count) ..which at the end of the video will ask to take relationship to the next level.. Obviously much more mushy and romantic then I have just described lol… I have made a word document containing 103 pages, containing word per page. We are going around 2 different cities, asking 103 complete strangers to be apart of it. Each person will simply hold one up and allow us to take a short 2 second video. One person, one piece of paper. After which we will compile them all together conveying my love letter. My friend is excellent at editing, so I just need to forward her all the clips. The video will play accordingly, culminating with a question at the end! all while our favorite country love song plays the backround.. I know she is going to love it, however I just need it to be perfect. Everyone involved knows the plans however we are not professionals. I would like to watch some other videos in the same style, doesn’t need to be the same topic or anything. Just anything I can research just so I can have a better idea for tomorrow. My problem is I don’t know the style of video this is called, every way I word it via goose and YouTube, keeping bringing up results nothing like I mean.. PLZ HELPP

      I need assistance ASAP

      Can provide personal phone number if its to much to type.

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      It’s basically a “photo montage,” a sequence of images telling a story.

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