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      Hello everyone.

      My name is Mike, and Im embarking on a new journey. Im a 38 year old father of 4, working 60+ hours a week, who hates his day job.

      I Went to collegr for Journalism, but never did anything w my Degree bec my mom was diagnosed w Cancer 2 weeks before I graduated. I went home, kept the Family Equipment Rental Biz going….and I hate it.

      Im now going to go back and do what I wanted, and Im going to take my shot at producing my own Daytime / Nightime Talk Show in my garage.

      I have built a full set in my Garage.
      Wood Floors, 15 overhead lights, props, etc.

      I write my monologue and shows between customers..everyday..and you know what, Im not that bad.

      I built a beautiful set, I feel I cam write and speak well, but have NEVER PRODUCED a decent video.

      So, I now am planning on buying 3 video camcorders, I bought a Lavalier, and am ready to take off on the production part.

      I can read and read and read all day, BUT, I want to know, what did u wish u knew before you before u started?

      Im going to film everyday at 430 am, then edit while Im at work and post by a set time everyday.

      All I can do is try.
      Mike –

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      Building an audience is tough. Make sure your topic is something people are interested in. I would try to partner with people that cover similar topics. Have them as a guest via Skype. That can get their audience interested in you. I like Andrew Cramer and he was interviewed by Chris Do. At the time I had no idea who Chris Do was. This turned me onto his channel and I listen to it more than anything else. Clever Chris Do from the Futur got me hooked.

      This is a tough thing to do and most people fail. One thing that I think successful people do is be consistent. You can’t make a couple of videos and get a following like Deven Grahm. You need to keep building new content even when it feels like your audience is super small.

      Hope this is of some help. Best of luck and make your dreams happen.

      Utah Video Production

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      Sounds like a nice hobby. My brother did this on the local public access cable channel for years. All volunteer work. It sounds like you will be a one man production crew and talent as well. You can set up your cameras on a tripod with a bar and set each one to a different focal length, close up, mid shot, and wide shot, and mix them together in the editor. I’m thinking you will put them out on Youtube. Good luck.

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      I can only suggest that you find interesting topics that will appeal to your target audience. An interested audience can overlook some technical production flaws. but my best advice is to learn how to interview. How to ask questions that draw out interesting answers. Write down your questions. Refine them. Don’t confuse the person who will respond with complicated questions. Start out with easy questions to put the person at ease. Build up to more interesting, insightful questions.

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