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      This is your space to discuss and debate the best video production gear on the market today.

      You can see Videomaker‘s official selections for best products in each category at videomaker.com/r/best-products.

      Keep in mind that our selections are updated frequently as we get our hands on new products. That means some older discussions may not make a lot of sense. One more note: We know that video production gear can bring out a lot of strong opinions. Please keep discussions civil. Disparaging and offense posts will be not be approved.

      With that said, let the debates begin!

      We have our picks — what are yours?

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      When it comes to aerial video, I just don’t see how any professional videographer can be using anything less than the Inspire 1 (even better yet, Inspire 2). Sure, the Phantom 4 is decent, but not quite at the “pro” level in my book. You can see my aerial work with the Inspire 1 Pro at my video production company website.

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      Being professional has nothing whatsoever to do with the kit, it’s getting the best out of what you have in a manner that clients are happy to pay for. What exactly makes a Phantom 4 not OK?. In fact, decent pros are getting very good images from phantom 3s. You could buy and get trained to use a 30K octocopter, but it does not guarantee better images. I learned early on that I simply do not have the flying skills to work with drones. The one I bought is used now for the very rare hobby project, because I don’t have the knack. I looked on your site and there are a few drone shots that are quite nice, but I don’t see anything that screams a certain model of drone, or not. What exactly are your criteria for ‘pro’ level?

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      Being professional has nothing whatsoever to do with the kit

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      Hello everyone, new here to the forum.

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      Oke thanks

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