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      Hi all. Newbie here…SO I’m testing video with an iPhone 7 plus, trying to convince myself I don’t have to change it for the XS Max…so these tests in the link (see full screen…) were shoot one after the other, using a ND variable filter, Filmic Pro LOG extreme at 24 fps 48 shutter speed quickly graded in Davinci…the only real difference between them is that the one I get this nasty noise you can see in the sky was shot with the sun behind me, and the other with the sun to my right? I can’t believe it’s just that… any hints on what’s going on here? Thanks!

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      I’m really sorry but the image on youtube is really awful and I can’t see what you mean as the noise and low definition is masking it. I have to wonder why you are spending money processing g iPhone footage? They’re great for what they are. A tiny sensor, a simple lens, and pretty much auto everything operation.

      You might find that you’re uploading to youtube in a format it’s compression is wrecking.

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