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      Hey guys, I this will be useful for some of you.

      I’m starting a new service to make finding stock music easier for video creators. The idea is simple: You send a link to your video (streaming or download) and a team of music experts selects the ideal music for the video from the thousands of music tracks available on different royalty-free music libraries. The only thing you would have to do is to approve the final result. That’s it.

      Since I’m starting this project and it needs a few reviews to show on the website – to demonstrate that it’s legit – the first clients will have the service for free. That means getting the ideal stock music for your video without spending tedious hours going through music libraries because I would do it for you. The only thing I’d ask for in exchange is a short review commenting on your experience.

      That’s it. If this is not for you, consider sharing it with someone who could make use of this opportunity, since it will last just a few more days.

      Here’s the website of the service: Contact me through the contact form on the website or send an email to

      Thanks for reading!

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    *I hope

    Forgot it in the first sentence! πŸ™‚

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    We’d need to hear a few examples of your expertise in doing it too though? I’m not sure I’d want to leave the choice too a third party I don’t know on any video I produced? You might be a punk influenced or worse, a metal head, when I’d prefer more organic music? Looking at youtube there are so many videos with totally inappropriate music, I just don’t think I’d want to risk it wit a stranger? I love your idea, but how would you make any money with this model?

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      Hi paulears. You’re right, I need to show examples of my expertise in choosing music, and that’s why I’m doing it for free for the first clients: to be able to show some results for future clients that will pay. The price will be $1 per second of music on the video, but as mentioned it is free now – for a short time.

      Regarding my personal tastes, you got me, I’m a bit of a metal head! But I leave my personal tastes apart when it comes to choosing music for someone else. I’ve worked as a music composer myself for many clients, making music ranging from African Folk to Synthwave Electronic and Orchestral soundtracks, and every time I kept in mind just what the video needs – not just what I’d like to hear.

      Anyway, thanks for writing! If you’d like to give it a try now that it’s free, go ahead and send an email to I’ll be happy to help with your video!

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    Sadly, I’m not the one to ask as I hate library music and produce my own. I know plenty of people have to use library music, but your idea that somebody who understands what to use and what not to use should be involved is really important. Good luck with the idea.

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    Hmm, I did not understand anything)

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    Here you are!

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