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      Marco Barzaghi

      Videos as an Art performance.
      Following its main feature: Innovation ”, GB, on the website, has opened a new video section: The” Performance Art video ”, that is videos as an Art performance.
      Even short videos, 15 seconds, to visualize the artistic gesture
      The artistic current “performance Art” is an exhibition that includes elements of dance, theater, video, poetry presented in front of an audience. In the case of the “Performance Art Video” the audience is of course the user who watches the video.
      The performer has time, space, the performer’s body or presence in a medium and a relationship between performer and audience, in our case the film. With these elements it can be considered “Performance art Video”.

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      Seems to me what this does is torture linguistic distinctions — kind of like turning “analysis” into “deconstruction.” No doubt it’s important to some, although I doubt of much importance to the artists who are creating their works.

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