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      I want to edit out and save as a separate video file (e.g. .mp4) between 1m:10s – 1m:31s of a 1m:46c video file (downloaded as a .webm but I converted it to .mp4 using VLC Media Player.

      Which *free* video editing software would you recommend for Windows 7 on an older personal computer (video on board, no separate graphics card)?

      Lightworks seems great but I need a simpler to learn/use program for this project.

      I just tried editing that video file with Windows Movie Maker but I’m not well versed editing out video using that so maybe there’s a better program (or easy way to edit using Windows Movie Maker?

      Thank you!

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      Windows movie maker is probably one of the simplest applications and you already have it. Most editors are packed with features and have a steep learning curve. As you are discovering, editing video can never be simple because of the hugely varied needs of the users. The idea is pretty well across all the platforms that you chop a file and move it. Some chop audio and video, but most allow you to chop both differently. Once you have moved the clips and removed the gap, and perhaps trimmed it a few times you then have to decide what format to export it as, you also usually get the option to change things, although most will export in the same format as they imported – although this is never guaranteed.

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      Here is a very good 15 minute Youtube tutorial on Windows Movie Maker. It should show you everything you need to know. Removing part of a clip is covered in the first 4 minutes.

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