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      Dear all,

      I’m fairly new to video production so sorry if this can sounds easy.

      I have shot videos with an Osmo+. I know it was not recommended but I let the Auto mode. The format recorded was HD-1-1-1.

      The problem I have is that now I would like to proceed with post-production (Final cut Pro) but the image I have is very dark. This is strange because it was shot during the day under strong sun light (Ibiza in summer). I wanted to apply a lut to convert to rec709 but impossible to find a lut that does this with a decent result.

      Any advice on how to convert my footage to rec709 with great result would help me a lot!

      Many thanks in advance!

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      I don’t know what happened unles the frame included something bright like the sun or a bright reflection and closed down the aperture, making everythig else dark. I don’t know FCP as I use Premiere Pro but I read online that both Premiere Pro and FCP export in rec709. If that is true then you don’t need to convert. Once again I don’t know FCP but in Premiere Pro using the Shadows/Highlights, Midtone Contrast, Brightness/Contrast, and the Lighting Effect Controls can turn a dark scene acceptably bright, though depending on how dark it is to start you may be picking up some noise in the image. I would imagine FCP has similar effect controls. From what I have seen, anything a lut can do can be done manually with the various effect controls. As an amateur photographer and user of Photoshop for post processing still pics, these types of effect controls have become second nature to me and work in much the same way for video in Premiere Pro.

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      As the Osmo+ records in MP4(h264) it will already be using the rec709 colour space so no conversion is needed. Premier Pro and FCP can be set to use a host of colour spaces such as Log, rec2020, rec709, Cineform, ACES etc.

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