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      Hi everyone,

      So I’m new to video cameras. I recently got a JVC camera and came across an issue. I recorded a few important interviews and as I tried to view the footage, it ended up recording it in slo motion. No idea what I did to record it that way, but I need the footage and audio to be normal. Is there anything I can do to revert it back to normal? It recorded in this slo motion. The audio sounds like the kind they use anonymous people whose Voice is hidden. If anyone has suggestions or advice please let me know. I feel hopeless with this.

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      First thing is that nothing you do on replay will change a file format. You could have accidentally recorded in slo motion, and if you did, you can (in proper editors) speed it back up – with or without some loss of quality)

      What is your editor? In things like Premier that I use, you can do a speed change in percentages increments, so getting it back isn’t too bad. However, you can also get speed changes that change the voice by mixing formats – so a recording with 44.1KHz audio in a 48KHz timeline (or vice versa) can often produce these odd pitch shifts. We need more info really.

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