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      Can you tell a good story with your camera? is looking for videographers and cinematographers to create clips about your community and local region.

      Affiliates create and upload video clips about their town and attractions, offering viewers an opportunity to share in news and events of the region, creating opportunity for members, businesses and the public to present their stories and to enlighten and motivate the public – much like a local TV station. The Affiliates sell local businesses “Video Spotlights” to create revenue – Generate $1000 to $3000 per clip. Complete Business and Marketing Plan.

      Looking for a few “Beta Testers” to look over the site, give us your opinion and try it out for free, if you like. No cost or obligation.





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      Thanks for the information. I will surely make a good story and record it on my camera. Over here it is easy to find stories but it is hard to find a good story. I will do my best to find good story and share it with you. And If you are searching for the Sitechecker through which you can find the availability of domain name then you can visit website. I am sure it will be helpful for you.

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      Nopes, I haven’t made any story. I have recently completed my mass communication course and now I am searching for the places to record videos. I am thinking about starting recording videos with religious places. I am also searching for some tips online that which camera would be better for recording. By the way, if anyone here are looking for the research paper writing service then they can visit website.

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      I am managing a YouTube channel, I do not know what you are specifically looking for but you can write me to know more, thank you.

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      NATIONWIDE COMMUNITY TV is looking for video pros to create clips of community stories –
      and use our system to make money providing production services to advertisers –


      The site has been completely redesigned – with new features and benefits to users/viewers, communities, businesses and video professionals who use this site to generate revenue. is designed as a Revenue Generating tool for Video Professionals –

      Videographers and Filmmakers use the site to sell video production services to a whole new tier of clients – Retail Clients needing professionally produced media who may not be candidates for Broadcast or Cable TV advertising – Clips are available worldwide on the Web and Mobile – 24/7 – With the included Social Media Tools – Nationwide Community TV Spotlight Clips provide a special opportunity for local business to promote their products and services to harness professional video impact effectively on both Web and Mobile.

      Please check over the site and business model for video pros – Contact me if you have any questions – I will set you up with a free trial – no cost or obligation – you make money first –


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