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      If I needed to add an animated and talking head to a video I shot what is the best way to go about that? Basically, I’d just need to replace the person’s real head with an animated one and then get the “lips” to move with the words. Is this possible using Final Cut Pro or do I need to use Adobe? If Adobe software is the better route, what would I need? Premier and Animate or Illustrator? I have no idea how this is done and whether it is difficult to do or not. Please help!

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      Check out Reallusion “Crazy Talk Animator”

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      Most all videos, especially gaming videos have that short 5 second intro animation which is usually just something as simple as the youtubers name is large and cool/crazy/colourful font along with a graphic that bounces or spins around just to intro the video and say who/what you are watching.stories

      Also a lot of people (again gamers) also have their name across the bottom of their inset webcam image, so you always know who u are watching during the video.

      Is there software to easily put that together or is that the kind of thing to need to hire people with the graphic design/animation skills to do?

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