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      I am a film editor and I have a new documentary project that I am editing on Premiere Pro CC 2020.

      -The footage is shot with different cameras (DSLRs – IPhone – Samsung mobile – laptop camera and other weird mobile phones), whichresulted in having variable frame rates (20,23.98,24,25,29.97,30,50,60,220 and variable fps in the same clip) that is going crazy.

      -All of the footage has sound recorded on an external device that need to be synced with the video, the problem is I have got scenes with multi angles and of course these angles are shot with different cameras so different frame rates, when I try to sync them with the audio recorded externally I get desync in audio in addition to the desync of video because of the frame rates.

      -I thought of checking which frame rate do I have mostly in the footage and set it as my main fps for the sequences, but I found that they are almost all the same amount.

      -I need to know the workflow for editing such footage like sequence settings, how to sync cameras together with the audio if possible and export settings all regarding the frame rate of course.

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