Suggestions for better securing gear while carrying it

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      Short story: Walking through the park today, capturing some b-roll. I usually have my camera (GH4) secured on the tripod head, and carry it by the tripod handle to minimize the number of things I need to carry. Today, I also had a field monitor secured to the hot shoe on the camera. After walking for a bit, the monitor drops to the ground without notice and snaps the end of the HDMI cable that was plugged into off. Luckily the monitor survived, but this situation is getting particularly annoying for me considering how much I travel and film.

      It happens with the camera on the tripod head as well. Gravity does it’s thing while I’m moving from place to place, and the screwed in mounting plate gets looser and looser. I’m afraid one day, this will lead to a shattered camera…

      So I’m looking for suggestions for better securing these types of things. It just doesn’t make sense to me to have all that weight focused to one mounting point. I swear I tighten them with strength of f****** Hercules, but they always shake loose after time. So what do I do? Buy a cage? Something else? I really need to know. Thanks.

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      My solution is a quick-release plate attached to the camera. Detach the camera and hold it in your hand before moving. Or for short moves, hold the camera in your right hand, the tripod in your left, diagonally across your body. I would NEVER transport the rig without having a hand on the camera.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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