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      Hi everybody, my name is David and i’m looking for a mirrorless camera to shot short movies or documentaries (10-15 minutes).
      I can spend 1500 euros (1700 dollars). I’ve watched and reda lot of video reviews online. What cameras do you recommend? My favorites are: Sony A7 II, Sony a6300, Lumix GH4 and Fuji XT2.

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      I have been shooting video in 1080P on a Nikon D7000 DSLR and about 9 months ago I bought the Nikon Coolpix B700 to shoot 4K video. Although the B700 is a bridge camera I was impressed with the 4K video, it is a noticeable step up from 1080P. I got my B700 used on ebay for $320, nine months ago. A new one on ebay is about $440, but mine arrived in mint condition. You can use manual settings for aperture and iso for video, though shutter speed is set by the camera while shooting video. It has fixed auto focus, continuous autofocus and manual focus in video. Although I use a Zoom R16 8 track stand alone recorder for audio, in a pinch the B700 has decent audio. In 4K you are limited to 8 min. 50 sec. per clip, but the number of clips is only limited by the size of your memory card. I was worried I might have a problem editing 4K using Adobe CS6 Premier Pro, but it works fine, with a bit longer render times. 4k give more opportunities than 1080P for cropping into the frame in the editor.

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