Stumped on an editing problem. Please help!

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      Hi all, I’m new here so thanks in advance for your help. Here’s my problem. I have footage from my go pro hero 7 black. When I upload the videos and play them through windows media player it plays back choppy. I downloaded VLC MEDIA PLAYER and that corrected my issues when playing back my footage. Now as I try and edit them using windows video editor it plays back choppy while trying to edit. Go pro settings are 4k at 60fps 16:9 ratio. My laptop is an hp envy x360 m6. Any help on fixing this issue?

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      Are you using Windows Movie Maker to edit a 4K 60fps footage?

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      I’m using windows video editor. Same thing? I downloaded davinci and hit film express since those were free but the footage still came out choppy when placing them in the storyboard on both programs.

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      HP envy x360 m6 is capable to edit 4K videos, but it is still hard to get smooth real-time playback and rendering for those kinds of high compressed media.
      My experience might work for you cause I also use Hitfilm/Premiere to edit drone footages, (60/120fps), 4K. My way to edit short clips is lowering the playback resolution. For some long videos, I transcode them to editing friendly formats, mostly CineForm.

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      I always wondered if windows editor is worth wasting time on. Is it any good?

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      Window editor is not so bad, not as complex as Vegas, but will do anyway. I wish there were screen recording function. So far I’ve been using this app Maybe you can recommend something else?

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