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      for the last 10 years, I’ve been the only editor in my office….so my storage solutions have been pretty simple. Get the fastest portable hard drive and hook it up to my computer. But the day has finally come where we hired another editor…and we’ll be working on projects together. So I need to set up some sort of storage solution that we can both access and both work off of. Ideally we could both work off of the same unit. I’ve been reading a lot about NAS, and SAN, and direct storage. Can’t tell if NAS will be fast enough for two editors to work off of at the same time. SAN looks like a lot of work. Any suggestions on either gear, or further reading?

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      My company works on large format projects that typically end up being finished at 4K. We have a QNAP and it keeps up with us. I really like it. I’m not a technical guy so I hired an expert on servers to recommend the best QNAP for our needs and he even set it up. He lives in Florida and we are located in Utah. He did everything remotely and offers free support for life. I would highly recommend him if you are interested in his contact info. If you want to get it from me check out my Utah Video Production website and message me through the contact us page. Best of luck. Also, compared to some RAIDs it is actually cheaper and can support more than 1 editor which makes it really cool.

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