Sony PXW-X70 audio issues

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      I bought a new X70 to replace an old camera for our church. The old camera had a different audio connector (the X70 has XLR) so I bought a new XLR cable (1/4″ to the sound board and XLR to the camera). I have tried almost every combination of audio settings, but do not get any audio from the sound board. I have the inputs set for line (not mic) at the XLR connections and the internal menu setting for audio input set to auto.
      I also plugged a stage mic into the XLR connector on the camera and I get a muffled sound when I speak into the mic and video played back. I also switched the XLR input to mic and recorded a short video speaking into the camera mic and got a muffled sound on the video again.
      Since this was working using the old camera, and just swapping the cable and the new camera, I thought the problem was with the new XLR cable (never got anyghting from the new cable and the sound board), but since I get muffled sounds from the internal mic and a stage mic, I am thinking I have a bad camera.
      Anybody have any similar experience? I think I am either missing some setting or have a bad camera. I will appreciate any input given.

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      I worked with this camera again today. I have it working now, but the settings made in order to make it work are really confusing. The XLR controls on the handle are set to “LINE” so that the internal mic picks up the audio. The camera menu settings are set to “INT MIC”.
      To get audio from the sound board, the camera menu settings are set to “AUTO” and the settings on the handle are set to “MIC”
      In both cases, I have the switch on the handle set to “CHI-CH2”
      Isn’t this backwards?

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