sony a6500 or a6400

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      Good day,

      I want to buy a new cam, but im a little bit confused. I’m a hybrid shooter with more focus on video. The 6500 has ibis but most new upgrades on 6400 are better then those of the 6500. Can someone help me out on this one?


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      It’s difficult to say which one is better. Both the Alpha A6400 and A6400 are APS-C cameras with 24.2 megapixel resolution sensors. However, Sony has altered the ISO range a little in the newer A6400. The A6400 has a slightly lower ISO cap. Its ISO range is 100-25,600, and can be expanded. Currently, I am using A6400 and its good.

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      I am using A6400 and its good. so great !

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      The camera has served me well for as far back as 18 months both as far as usefulness and quality and in the event that you are searching for an extraordinary travel camera for your next large outing, read on and discover why you ought to consider the Sony a6500.

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      The sony a5600 is very good recording equipment, I have worked with it.
      If you look at the car competitions they use these models a lot as in top speed

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      I totally agree with you, a5600 is great, I checked lots of reviews in amazon and other website, most of them were positive

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      I just purchased the A6400 a couple of days ago. It’s my first mirrorless camera and coming from a 6D it is a huge change in many positive ways.
      Love the Auto Focus it is a GIANT upgrade coming from a camera with 11 point AF points to a camera with 425 and eye AF that locks on solid. This alone was worth the upgrade
      Love the 11 FPS continuous shooting
      Love the $900 price.

      I’m still new with the camera and getting to learn it but I am very impressed.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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