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      Hi, I am o total noob so forgive the blunders.
      I am interested in filming my travels with an Samsung S7, so the upper level of amateur is enough for me.

      What i want is to make use of phone camera lenses (telephoto, wide, macro) together with a variable ND filter.

      My problems are:
      1. Dont know if those combos are even possible. I see lense kits like this one that offer lenses and filters, but describe them individually, so i dont understand if i can mount the wide lens and put the ND filter on top.

      2. Even if 1 is a possibility, i could not find a single kit that contains both a telephoto lens and an ND filter. Is there a limitation that prevents this particular combo?

      3. Optionally, is there a way to stack a lens, an ND filter and a CPL filter all on top of each other?

      Thank you very much in advance.

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