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      Hi guys
      I’ve been asked to provide a video for VE Day which will be part of a Son Et Lumiere projection. In my head I want to provide silhouettes of planes, ships, people over a plain red background and moving across the screen.
      I use Movavi as my video editor but can’t see how to achieve this effect? Would a program like Powerpoint be more suitable?
      Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

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      Yes, you can do this in PowerPoint, which has a “background removal” feature. Isolate the planes, ships, etc., with BG removal. Place them into a red clip and animate.

      Or, working in an NLE (hopefully Movavi supports this,create a two-layered clip. The layer with the visuals must have a transparent background, the layer below it is red. Animate the transparent layer.

      Or, if your NLE supports it, place the graphic objects on a blue or green background and use Chromakey to create the transparency.

      Yet another way would be to create a string of planes, ships, etc., in a graphics editor and save this with a transparent background. Export this file to your NLE and animate it so it moves across a red background.

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