Should I even try to produce and direct for first feature film?

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      I keep wanting to, and keep being told that I shouldn’t, and it’s going to fail and the chances of it being a success and actually making money, are lower than winning the lottery.

      But other filmmakers have done it, and seems that every filmmaker trying to break in has to make a microbudget, independent feature and start somewhere. What do you think?

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      Producing and Directing can be easier in many ways because you’re responsible only to yourself. In my work area, I work with producer/directors as production manager and it’s great because when they have a good idea with implications, they just say “do it”. This year I’m working with a separate Director and Producer and already, the producer wants me to stop the director spending money, and the director wants to do things that involve me trying to get the producer to agree to. Given the choice, one person works best for me – BUT – two people often produce a better product because they can get carried away and there are no brakes!

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