Separating video tracks from a dash cam?

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      I’m not sure if my Google-fu is weak, or I am using the wrong search terms… but, I have all these video files I wanna upload to YouTube… a ton of idiot drivers.

      But, issue; I have a dual cam config, and I dun want to share my Lyft passengers; the second cam faces them.

      So, I need to separate two video tracks, and save the front cam [Track 1].

      I looked for at least an hour, and finding nothing but ‘Buy me here!’ and I get the trial version; they offer all these tools, except the one I asked google for… separating two video tracks!

      The videos are H264 1080p lossless AVI, no sound on them [Or if there is, I dun care about them. I muted the mic for my passengers’ privacy.]

      And, due to the sheer amount, it would be epic if I could do them in bulk, vs. me spending what limited time I have to load/trim/save each file individually.

      Thanks; I’m sure I am just looking for the wrong terms, or Google is trying to sell me junk… both are very likely true!

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