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      hello all, i m a beginner video maker, making time lapse videos on my construction site. i subscribed to soundstripe for music use for my videos. i logged in and seen there is a TON of audio tracks. i assume theres different genres for different types of moods/videos. does anyone have a suggestion on what type of genre/mood that i go with for time lapse construction? this is for interior remodel to commercial spaces

      thanks for the help!

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      You don’t say how long the time-lapse interval. This will determine pace which will in turn determine what kind of music to use. Example: You compress time drastically and show the re-build of a kitchen in 60 seconds. This calls for fast, up-tempo music. Do the same sequence in 120 seconds and a more leisurely pace is suggested. Fiddle music — light and peppy — for the first, perhaps big-band sound for the longer piece.

      Consider your audience, too. If the kitchen-build time-lapse is for a young newly-wed couple, modern pop is probably appropriate; for an older, more staid couple something more traditional might work better.

      If you fade to black at any time I would suggest changing the music on the fade-up. In most time-lapse you really need the music to drive the content. Watching paint dry needs a sound track that brings life to the experience.

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      Please note: The link to Amazon in the final paragraph of my response above has been hacked in since the post was originally created. It WAS NOT included by me in my original post!

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      In general use a beat of the music as a marker to change each time scene clip, in other words use the music as your starting point and edit clips to that music’s beat. Use music that you consider is most appropriate/appealing for your videos intended audience.

      Programs like Adobe Audition will identify beats in the music

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