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      Hello friends. I am a photographer and I am going to open my own studio and I really take the question of security seriously because I bought expensive equipment and I need it to be safe. Of course, this is not easy to fulfil and I need a trustworthy security company. Many people told me about Ajax and it seems like this is the only good variant on the modern market. Do you have any other offers? I would like to read about them more and maybe they will be better. I am just a fool at this sphere.

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      If you will make a decision, I will be very thankful if you will share it. Now I have the same situation

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      I can recommend My Alarm Center, a company with which has protected my home and business for more than 20 years. They offer excellent service at a very reasonable price.

      I also highly recommend replacement insurance on all of your equipment. If you are working professionally you can be assured that at some point someone will steal some of your gear. Bits and pieces of kit get spread out during a shoot and it’s awfully tempting for someone on the set to pickup an unattended bit of gear and disappear it.

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      I would also say that Ajax is a good variant if you are looking for a smart modern decision. I used to have another brand system. It was a DIY variant and what I did not like is the lack of a support line. Ajax provides it. You can call them anytime if you have any issues or questions dedicated to the system. They also give a life-long warranty. The only thing you have to solve is to buy cameras from another company because Ajax does not produce theirs owns. But they will give you a recommendation on what variant is the most appropriate for your case.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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