Reverse-telecine 59.94fps to 24fps

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      I would like to edit and enhance high-quality NASA 16mm images. The best quality 16mm scans I’ve found online are on, as high-bitrate MXF files, 1280×720 and 59.94fps.

      Like here:

      Now the problem, the camera usually recorded at 6, 12 or 24fps.

      The frame rate of the scans is 24fps.

      Unfortunately, the files that were put online were telecined to 59.94fps. This is done by repeating frames, sometimes 3 to 4 times. The duplicate pattern also seems to vary.

      The enhancing I want to apply requires removing all duplicates and bringing it back to the native scan frame rate. So reverse telecine to 24fps for further editing.

      I played with virtualdub with someone else, and that seemed to work sometimes. But then the duplicate pattern seems to change and I got frames that repeated again. Also I tried to just export it as 24fps video file but this didn’t work either, still repeating images.

      Also, I exported all frames as .png files and had several programs search for duplicates, but none could do this reliably.

      So my question now, does anyone have a way to do this, and help me out here? that would be great.

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