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      Hi guys.

      I recently got into filmmaking and storytelling for businesses. I recently made a video for a local Starbucks. Please give me your feedback on where I can improve. Thanks!

      Here’s the link to the video.

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      Here’s the link . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XvQi0ND6uc

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      Maybe an animated attractive guy and girl at the table and a few more people in the cafe rather than a quiet single guy in an empty room with a computer. Maybe the couple could be having fun already before the fireworks go off.

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      Your camera work is very good and I like the way you’ve edited the piece. You might consider this, however. You’re going from a state of “not being” to a state of “being:” it’s like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. A day without Starbucks is like Kansas, Oz — post Starbucks — is a technicolor wonderland. So as bobspez suggests, you’ve got to punch both sides of this equation: make Kansas really drab. Desaturate colors, no audio perhaps. Your hero brings along desolation when he enters the room.

      Comes the Starbucks and the world goes mad. Don’t decrease the picture size like you’re doing now; it should explode. You might consider shooting the Kansas part in 4:3, the Oz part in 16:9 to suggest the explosion. And really punch the Oz color.

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      Dang dude. I was going to comment on how terrible the color correction was. Then the big reveal. I really like Jack Wolcott’s comments and would suggest you listen to him. Be really proud of your commercial, it looks really good. Not sure if you can, but it would be cool if the Starbucks cup was in full color the whole spot, but then again, it may be distracting. Best of luck.

      Utah Video Production

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      Hi guys. @bobspez @jackwolcott @utalvideoproduction Thank you so much for the feedback! JackWolcott, you make a very good point of punching both sides and making the climax explode instead of minimizing. Great insights for me to take in and improve my next video!

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