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      I’ve seen many interviews that are one person, but two cameras are used. A medium shot and a close up shot. Medium shot is used as the primary shot, close up is used to emphasize emotion or as a starting point if there is a flub or cut point in the interviewee’s spiel.

      When this technique is used, usually both shots are with the interviewee looking off camera. But is this ok to use this two camera technique when the intervieee is looking directly at the camera? Like for presentations and direct message to audience? I think it looks strange but the filmer says it’s needed as an option to cut too if the person being interviewed makes a mistake and has to start a sentence over.

      I’m not sure I’ve seen any other examples online of a head on shot (not looking off camera) with a medium shot, then switching suddenly to a close shot. Again, looking off camera, I see it very commonly, but looking directly at camera, I don’t see this type of shot being used. Thoughts?

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