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      My Name is Riccardo
      My question is:
      I would like to purchase a second-hand RACK server for video editing and music maker design, this server serves me for virtualization by adding nvidia K80 video card for virtualization.
      I refer to you which will be the best second hand rack server for video editing and music maker?
      Would I like a server rack with 4 8-core and 16 th processors, or would I choose Dual Xeon?
      Another thing what are the best sites to buy second-hand servers for orders to Italy? I looked in Italy but I don’t like the servers they sell.
      Thank you and I await answers.

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      I personally refer you to buy dual Xeon, because its best quality is to able to run multiple programs at once, a dual-processor can also work together to make a single program faster and more efficient. I am telling you this because, on my own experience, I am using this, I saw it on back to school coupons at Reecoupons, then I purchased from there. It’s not much pricey as well, I hope it will also work for you.

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