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      Good morning everybody,
      Well, I’m creating a wish-list to present to my boss, and ONE of the items on the list is a new camcorder. This will be used to make little promotional videos of our products.

      My current camcorder is a Canon Legria HFG25, and you know… it’s not BAD. However, I need something a bit better, particularly with the ability to mount wireless/levalier microphone receivers directly onto the camera. Something along the lines of a Sony HXR-NX200 4K or similar, with a budget of between £2000 and £3000 pounds.

      HOWEVER.. there is ONE feature I would dearly love, and I wonder if any of you can advise me of any cameras that include this feature.

      And that is…. a programable zoom. In other words, you set the zoom start position, zoom end position, and duration. And THEN… when you press a button.. the camera transitions between those two zoom settings using the programed duration.

      Any thoughts ?

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      Studio cameras have had them for a very long time – certainly from my first OB work in the late 70s/early 89s. The shot box. Still common on studio cameras today. You set an frame the shot, prod the button on the control on the pan handle, then the next shot could be a wide, set that, store that into another button – then you can go between the two at tops speed – or via a slower one. We use them in game shows, where exactly the same framing is needed over and over again = two shot, then frame another participant on the other side of the set, then zap back to the two shot as if you never left.

      Bad news is they cost a lot of money, fit a lens that costs even more money and attach to yet another very expensive camera.

      You can pick up a lens and a shotbox second hand if the camera uses B4 lenses. I’ve never seen them on cheaper cameras.

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      thanks Paulears … that is EXACTLY what I was after.
      I remember shot-boxes from when I worked with the BBC, many many decades ago.

      I guess I was hoping for a camera with a “single-shot” version of that built in, but I suspect I’m not going to find it.

      Which is odd, ‘cos I could imagine quite a demand for it ? Especially if you’re trying to do a rotating zoom, where you need to zoom and pan/tilt at the same time.

      Ah well.

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      You can simulate the effect in an editor like Premiere Pro. It basically performs a crop on the frame to simulate a zoomed shot. You set the starting frame and ending frame and time for transition. Naturally a cropped shot is not as sharp as a zoom, but with 4K you can crop quite a bit and sill get acceptable results.

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