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      Our studio is looking into purchasing video transition packs for Premiere Pro. What are people using with success? We’re on iMacs with AMD gfx cards and 32GB of RAM. Has anyone used BorisFX? We’re specifically looking for drag and drop transitions that don’t require nests, and that do not crash Premiere…


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      What types of transitions are you looking for for what kind of videos (weddings, sports, documentaries, commercials)? Personally I just use three of Premiere Pro’s transitions, the Film Dissolve, the Fade to Black and the Fade to White.

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      Yep, pretty much the same to me. I want disolves and fades. All the others for me, especially wipes just don’t fit what we do regularly. I cannot think what a ‘pack’ supplying things I have not got would contain – and as Premiere has so many already, more is for me, pointless. I also think that if I needed a special wipe for some reason, I’d probably create it myself in premiere or AE

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