Premiere CS5.5 autosave creates unwanted key frame changes.

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      Hello folks,

      Any answers to the following problem, please?

      Premiere CS5.5 autosave creates unwanted key frame value changes.

      I recently reformatted my Laptop and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 7 64bit from the hard drive. I then installed Adobe Premiere CS5.5 and started to edit my videos. I didn’t realise until watching a rendered piece of footage that the Scaling/zooming and Position were all wrong.

      I discovered purely by chance that the Autosave and Save functions were changing the keyframe values. To get around this, I now complete editing my videos without adding any Scaling or Position keyframes, save the project then deselect the Autosave function before starting to do all the Scaling and Position changes that I want.

      Although it’s a work around it’s a pain in the backside and I’d rather do all the necessary changes as I edit the video plus this shouldn’t be happening, right??

      Does anyone have an answer? A proper fix to this problem??

      Thanks in advance


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