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      I have a client (dance school) who has 3 shows a year that I video & create DVDs to sell to parents. The school wants to do away with the DVDs & have the parents pay for & download the video from the internet. When parents download a video the client wants the parent not to be able to share the video with another parent without paying. One show is approx 3 hrs, the other 2 shows are approx. 1 1/2 hr ea. I edited with Adobe Premire Pro. I have a Smug Mug & Drop Box acc. Please advise me on what to do.
      Thank you in advance.

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      Unfortunately you’re in a Catch 22 situation: you don’t want your work copied by the wrong person but you do want it copied by your client. You can put the material on Dropbox, for example, but the minute you give out the URL to one person you make it potentially available to everyone that person knows.

      One way around this is to have the video fee built into the dance company’s fee. Every parent pays @25 above the price of enrolling in the class, for example, and every parent is entitled to download the show from Dropbox. The dance company then cuts you a check for the fifty parents whose child is in the classes.

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