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      I hope some people with some knowledge can help give me some definitive info. I am not sure if it’s my video head, camera, techique, or something else.
      I use a Sony AX53 and a Monfrotto tripod with 128RC video head I bought at B&H to (try to) get some smooth sweeping panning shots. And that’s where the trouble starts. I bought these new a few years ago and barely used them, then while on a trip my shots started getting messed up. To demonstrate, I put up a brief sample of what went wrong here.
      youtu(.)be/Hyym2jIqQJI — without the parenthesis.

      The problem never happens when doing a tilting pan – only side to side.

      The video head briefly sticks, or other times appears to lurch forward. For the former, I am still turning the handle at a constant speed and I can’t see why it would momentarily stop turning in the middle of a scene. If I re-do it, it might stick again in another part of the pan, or sometimes not at all (rarely). The upward tilt of the shot has no bearing on it – it does it when it is level also. I have also tried tightening and loosening all the knobs but still can’t get it to work right.
      Do I need to get a new video head? I will take another trip in the future and want to use my camcorder for some good steady shots. I’ve heard of some mention this problem, and then some say it needs some wildly expensive lubricant (and where and how I’d apply it, I have no idea).

      I’ve asked around and tried to read up on others with the same issue, but no luck. I’ve heard my camera may be too light, or the shutter speed is changing and that is fouling things up, but I can’t make the errors happen when I try to, if those reasons are actually the real cause.

      Any insights or help, please?

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      It sounds like the head is not screwed on tight enough to the extension pole, or the set screws are loose. Crank the pole up and look underneath. There should be several set screws under there. Unscrew them and then unscrew the head from the pole and check everything. Then screw the head back on. You may have to tighten the pan lock to get the head screwed on tight enough. Then screw in the set screws. I hope this helps.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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