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      I just recently purchased a used Panasonic G7. I am new to videography, and am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

      I am trying to follow the 180 degree rule. With that said I am shooting 24fps 4k.

      Aperture 3.5 on some of them. Or as high as possible. Shutter speed constant at 1/50 or 50 on the display screen. And as low an iso as possible. No matter the conditions, or the lighting I always seem to get a really high amount of noise. I am watching a lot of extreme low light vids on youtube with stock 14-42 lense etc, they say no noise reduction or anything in post and they all have remarkably crisp video. Mine is so noisy or grainy no matter what I do.

      Images here:

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      I’m not seeing all the noise you are. For example in the shot with the hands over the face there is a lot of noise only in the shadows in the right hand bottom corner. One thing you have to recognize is that darkness in an image creates noise. Unless you are in bright sunlight you have to light up the scene, especially indoors. No matter how good it looks on the lcd screen or viewfinder, you will see noise in the clip when you look at it on the computer. If you don’t light up the scene you have to rraise the iso and that in itself will also create noise. There’s no substitute for light. Consider how much lighting goes into a newscast set or a dramartic set or even a youtube review. They are not relying on the camera sensor alone to capture a sharp image.

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        P.S. For an easy test of this take a still pic of something with the settings you used for the clip, then take it again with the flash. The colors, sharpness and contrast will all increase dramatically. Also be aware of the depth of field you want to capture and use the correct f stop to get the area you want sharp in focus. There are DOF calculators on line that will tell you how much of the area will be in sharp focus for your camera and f-stop and focal length and distance to the lens. Use your camera as a still camera to figure out the settings and lighting that will get you the image you want.

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      Thank you! I will do my best to figure all of that out! That is great advice all around!

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