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      So I’m not sure if this is the right place to look for what I need, but worth a try. I have an older Laptop ASUS M50V it has a 1G video card, 4 GB of ram and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 2.53GHZ(dual core) with Windows 10 64Bit. I know these aren’t great specs, but this laptop has firewire and I need to do some stuff with an old DV cameras that firewire is better than the AV. I’m looking for an older software, preferably free, specifically for an old MiniDV camera with firewire I used to use Windows Movie Maker and it worked great 10 years ago, but it no longer exists. I currently use PowerDirector as my main PC editor and I have downloaded and used WinDV and it’s okay for what I’m trying to do, but the quality is not as good as the videos I did with the same camera years ago, but if it’s the best out there for this I’ll take what I got.

      FYI, I know MiniDV is not a great camera anymore and it’s pretty much 720p at max, but I need it for the night shot function only for a few shots of an event I’m filming, the rest will be GoPros, a HD camcorder and DSLR during daylight stuff.

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      You may try Hitfilm

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