Novice video maker looking for feedback on project and bug fix for color banding

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      Hi everyone thanks for taking a look at my post. I am a novice video maker and rented a GH5 to create this video using adobe premier pro. I also used a gopro 6 and mavic for a few shots. The biggest issues I ran into were color banding in the sky, and pixelization in the very dark scene at 2:52 (the footage from the camera looks fine, only looks bad after rendering?). I’d love to find out how to fix those issues. I bought a LUT pack from tropic that looked horrible and ended up using a free one. Any tips on how I could improve this video would be greatly appreciated!

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      I looked at your video in 4K full screen on Youtube. I also downloaded it and played around wih it in Premiere Pro and I would say the video has a greenish tint to it and also it’s a bit washed out. In Premiere Pro I added a bit of contrast to intensify the colors and adjusted the hue slightly to make the sky a deep blue rather than a greenish blue. I don’t believe you can do anything about the sky banding. I think that’s a camera artifact, maybe more so during panning. Some of it is faint clouds but some is from the camera. With more contrast the faint clouds showed up on some scenes but the camera banding also got more pronounced. And unless I viewed that part a frame at a time I really didn’t notice the pixelation of the lights in the sequence you referred to.

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      Thank you so much for your input. I used a free LUT i found online, which could be the cause of the greenish tint. I’d be willing to pay for one, but I don’t really know which one is worth my money. The VLOG camera setting in the lumix GH5 camera obviously gives a washed out look which is supposed to give you more leverage in post color correcting, which probably means my weak point is in the color correcting. Maybe I shouldn’t be relying on a LUT in the first place. That color banding bugs the hell out of me, hopefully I’ll have better luck with a different camera, although I fear it’s something I’m doing in my premier pro rendering settings.

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      Also you’re right, the dark scene looks fine in full 4k I think.

      The remaining thorn in my side is still the color banding. Will have to play around with things.

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