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      I have a law degree and I have been working in London in the legal industry for 4 years; however, I find no joy and satisfaction in my work. I have always wanted to have a more creative job. I have keen interest in cinema and TV, I have read several books on video editing (including “In the Blink of an Eye”), seen numerous instructional youtube videos and done some experimenting on my own, e.g. editing vacation videos, sports compilations, micro films (mostly sketches) etc.

      I would like to change careers and become a video editor but I don’t know how realistic my ambition is. Do I need to go back to school and spend 2,3,4 years studying or is it possible to get in the industry by developing working knowledge of the most popular editing tools (+ certification), taking part time/evening classes on video editing and film making, creating a demo reel, and honing a variety of skills to be a well rounded professional? I know that a key aspects is acquiring some experience, which is the part I am struggling with – what should I look for to build experience, i.e. what entry level positions could be available. I am willing to work for free, as long as I can do it while I have my office job, because the rent in London is a bitch.

      I would appreciate any advice and information – please do not pull any punches.

      Thank you!

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      With my ex-college lecturer hat on, the question I always ask a prospective student works here.

      “What kinds of material have you edited so far?” and “What editing software do you use?”

      I’d expect firm opinions and statements in the response. If you have them, that’s stage one sorted. If you can’t answer the questions on the spot, instantly – then give up now, because you should have the answers.

      The next thing is an artistic assessment. I have been editing on computers since 1994, and before that I did some 16mm editing on a Steenbeck. I edit video, but sadly, I’m still not a video editor. I can perform competently in the mechanical process, but I lack the eye and the timing some of my colleagues find so natural. The result is technically competent, but often boring edits. For what I do it doesn’t matter. The end product doesn’t need arty slick and clever stuff, but when I edit music videos, they are, being honest, a bit dull.

      The industry is fragmented and staff positions getting rarer, and self-employed or very small businesses getting more common. The worst thing, however is the ridiculous over-saturation of the industry by far too many university courses. The result is lots of graduates and a very small number of useful people and tons of terrible ones. Maybe if you are a natural, you could find a niche in the legal industry? I don’t know, but big firms probably produce lots of video for clients and the courts, so having a Law degree would give you an edge and that is what is needed.

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      The national average yearly salary for a professional film/video editor in the US is $44K per year, with 90% of the positions belonging to non entry level people. In any artistic endeavor there are thousands doing it as a sideline for every single professional making a good living at it. For every Eric Clapton there are tens of thousands of bar band guitarists earning $100 a night or less after expenses. I’m guessing cinematography and editing is no different.

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      Divinejames started two topics and then posted links to appsync dot biz. I think we have been trolled.

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      I think this is one of the hardest industries to get into. But if you are passionate about it and willing to work hard I think you can differently change careers and have success. Keep in mind you will probably make a lot more being a lawyer.

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