Newbie video recording our Church services

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      I want to thank you in advance for any and all help.

      We are recording our services using Sony SD remote controlled cameras, a Roland SE-500 data switcher, the sound board is a Soundcraft Si Impact.

      We are having a terrible time with the audio being distorted, but I monitor it coming out of the board using good quality headphones and it sounds great going to the PC. At this time we do not have the ability to edit/mix the audio once it hits the PC and I need advice on how or what I need to have the ability to check and adjust sound settings on the recording.

      I hope this makes sense, I am a rank amateur at this but I really want to make it the best it can be. Please keep in mind this is for a Church and we have a pretty tight budget. That being said we are willing to pay what we need to to have quality sound and video.

      God bless you for reading and hopefully responding,

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      Sounds just like the output from the PC is mismatched to the card. It’s probably expecting a microphone and microvolts, and is getting a line input with volts! Ideally you need a proper audio interface – for line level, less than fifty pounds for decent quality and facilities – just connects by USB and handles all the computer audio inputs and outputs

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      How is the signal input to the PC? PC’s microphone input? Like Paulears said above, you need a proper capture device. A simple USB audio device will do the trick. This one worked well for me on my Windows laptop.

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