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      Hi I am working on my very first video editing project. I am editing a character into a scene by splicing existing video clips with sony vegas. SO far, so good. But I need to change the background in one clip so that it matches the venue. So my question is.. what software can I use (or will vegas do it) to edit/remove/replace a square chunk of background. The camera is moving for this scene so that will make it more difficult. I could actually just make this portion of the background black and I think it would work, or if is easy to do I might paste in an image. thanks!

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      Try using a mask in Vegas. Should do the job.

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      This is nowhere near as simple as you perhaps think. Moving cameras make it difficult to do. However, depending on your editor there’s usually a way. The mask you create to get rid of the unwanted background has to change between each frame. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this, and the system is automated, leaving you the job of just tidying up mistakes. So it’s time consuming, but doable. Then once you have the wanted image, with the background masked out, you then need to put in a new background and make it track in a realistic way. Depending on your camera moves the background doesn’t just have to move left/right/up/down, it has to move on parallax axis too, if the camera moves left but pans right. The squeezing and stretching of the image can also be done by the popular professional editors, but after editing for a very long time, I’m still not very good at it. This problem is why if you see photos of motion pictures where they are doing green screen work, there are little X markings in a slightly different green, or spots, or squares. This lets the system wrangle the background perspective to make it match as the camera moves.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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