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      I am going to be producing course materials in a niche area for production on youtube and vimeo. 90% of the content would be screen cast. The videos would be produced in 1440p or 1080p.
      I currently have a and ready access to a 2015 base 15 inch mac book pro.

      The videos would be produced in 1440p or 1080p.

      1. Would the LG laptop be a good one for this purpose.
      2. Would final cut pro x on the new 16 inch mac be a good choice?
      One major concern I have is that both 1080 p and 1440 p have aspect ratios of 16:9. The new mac however has a screen resolution of 3072 x 1920. If I were to use a third party screen casting software such as Camtasia, the option for 2k is available and it selects a part of the screen. How do I do this with final cut pro x? I could screencast with quicktime but afaik there are only two options: full screen or drag a part of the screen- But when I drag, it doesn’t show the aspect ratio- How do I ensure I am recording, editing and rendering everything at the same res? Does it even matter with final cut pro?
      3. Can I use the 2015 15inch mac ( or should I upgrade to the new one?
      4. Is final cut pro good in terms of efficacy or is it an overkill? If it saves me any effort at all, I’d be happy to use it.
      5. Can I screencast 4k videos using the mac book pros non 4k screen? How would I do this?
      6. Any other suggestions?
      Thank you!

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