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      im new member on this forum, so i’ll showyou my videos and hopefully need more feedback and advice how to create better videos.

      thank you

      here is the video
      my cheap gear
      – Sony Alpha a6000
      – Sony 35mm f1.8
      – Yongnuo 50mm f1.8
      – Commlite Adapter

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      I thought the video recording itself was good.

      The pace of the both the music and the video (which I don’t doubt was by design slow) would put me to sleep.

      Research shows an audience switches off a video after 90 seconds unless the video contains a visual or audio hook/s which compels the viewer to continue to watch, or the video is of a subject of specific interest to the viewer.

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      You have the same phrase of music repeating every 6 seconds. I couldn’t make it to one minute. The music is incredibly distracting.

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      Looped music is really bad news, but the video takes longer to watch than making a real cup of coffee takes? The edit stretches real time, when normally editing shortens time? I know it shows how the coffee is lovingly made, with care and craftsmanship – but it’s far, far too long and the music sucks.

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