Muscle hygetropin hgh arrangement requires a lot of protein

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      Muscle growth principle:
      One aspect in muscle growth is the process by which the muscles are subjected to heavy weight stimulation and overdose, with the result that the cross-sectional part of the muscle fibers increases. Tamoxifen Citrate Cross-sectional area increases, which led to increased muscle latitude, that is, we usually said that the thickening of the thicker. Growth of muscle is with large dumbbells to stimulate the muscles, and muscle fibers from the inside of the muscle damage, and through the intake of protein repair muscle fiber damage to the circumference and the effect of muscle.
      Muscle fiber thickening and muscle fiber fracture itself is not directly related to the stress and the muscle bear, in a certain extent, the greater the stress, the greater the stimulation of the muscles, the more recovery, muscle fiber remodeling more significant, Muscle fiber damage and load a relationship, but does not mean that the more muscle fiber damage, muscle remodeling more intense.
      Muscle growth source:
      Muscle hygetropin hgh arrangement requires a lot of protein, so need to add a lot of protein supply to the body. For example: chicken breasts burgers. egg cell. Wait. At the same time to eat some fruits, vegetables to supplement the vitamin to promote the intake of protein.
      Sports nutrition is generally divided into protein, and carbohydrates, meats have the main protein and animal protein, plant protein is generally used to improve immunity, such as soybeans, green coffee beans, and some coarse grains, and animal protein is man made muscle, the adult Daily intake of 2g per kilogram of protein, usually within an hour of exercise to add better.

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