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      Hey there, I shoot comedy videos and I have a question about multi-camera setups. I am not live streaming, everything will be shot and then edited later. I want to know how I can connect my cameras and external microphones to all start recording at the same exact time and stop at the same time. Is there a way I can do this by connecting it to the computer or maybe an external interface? I’m lost here.

      I have two Sony A6500 and one A6000.

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      you don’t you sync them when you bring them into the edit. You can even buy software to help you, but a good old fashioned handclap is all you need. I tend to do it at the end. As the audience are on the way out, I walk across the stage – turn to the cameras and do a big open handed clap. In the edit, just find this in every camera shot, and drag them so they perfectly align. I record sound separately, but the camera mics all hear the clap – so bring in the audio track too – then align the audio spikes. This works every time for me.

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      This won’t give you the audio information that Paul suggests, but I bought an old still camera flash unit from the 1990’s era ($5.00 on eBay) and trigger it toward the cameras. This gives you a single-frame of white. Add the Paul’s hand-clap to this and you have a foolproof method for syncing sound and image.

      I have found over many years of shooting theatrical events that the most precise way of syncing multiple cameras is to a foot-fall, a moment where you can see the left foot of a dancer, for example, as it touches the stage floor. You can tweak from there as necessary.

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      So I use Final Cut and I figured out how to do it automatically. I heard about the clap thing before too, thanks for all your help.

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      The clap thing is just what clapperboards did for the movies. Your biggest problem will be when you chop the thing up and accidentally slide one of the timelines and you don’t notice.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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