Microphone for vlogging?

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      I have a new channel starting up soon that will be just a mix of everything and anything really, vlogging, reviews, pranks and whatever else we feel people might want to watch.

      Which mic do you use that help you record a video blog with great quality sound? I found some variants

      1. Blue Snowball

      2. Sara Monica Mini Smartmic

      3. Blue Yeti

      but still can not choose… Have you had experience using any of them? Do you vlog? What do you use?

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      I thought I responded, but probably forgot to press submit.

      USB mics are very limiting – they don’t have to be terrible, but offer very limited scope – you cannot for example have two, so no interviews later on! The one in your list that connects direct to the computer might work on a Macbook where the audio preamp isn’t too bad, but many windows machines have terrible performance from their mic socket – so I’d kill that totally! The real thing is that USB mics often have little control over gain, so very close speech, or distant speech are difficult. By far the best way is to buy a proper interface. The Behringer simple one, the UM2 is dirt cheap and for one mic is pretty handy and has a decent volume headphone output too, with a proper gain control. There are a few others a little better for around £50 and then stereo ones start at £80 plus, if you want upgrade possibilities. Mic wise – loads of XLR phantom powered ones for £35 upwards, and they’re generally better than they appear. £25 gets you one of these from Thomann and they really sound nice for a dirt cheap mic. The cheap Behringer interface will get you up and running with a decent sound for little money. Thomann mic

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      Blue Yeti is good choice, I think. It’s often used by ASMR bloggers and the quality is really great:


      But personally me, I have now Rode NT1A with pop-filter. It seems to me better in noise suppression, however the price leaves much to be desired.

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