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      AvatarDaria Taylor

      I’m currently assigned a film project in high school. I doubt which mic to buy. I consider purchasing either Rode Stereo Video Mic Pro or Audio Technica. I have a budget of $500. Do you have any recommendations within the budget?

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      AvatarSarah Mallick

      By far the most versatile microphone is going to be some kind of shotgun mic. This is what we use at our video production company in Denver. The one we have specifically is the microphone. A shotgun can go on your camera and pick up audio directionally. It can go on a boom pole, operated either by a person or on a c-stand/light stand (such as for interviews) and can be used as a stick mic (like for news interviews). It’s the mic we use most often. Good luck!

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      Your question should be about what you want the mic to do? On camera mics are a big compromise, and the Rode does it pretty well, but if you want anything other than distant sounding audio, you need a shotgun, or lavs, AND somebody to work them.

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