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      Hi everyone:

      I’m a newbie on this forum here – I have written/produced/directed/edited a lot of stuff (food & music content mostly), but I’ve never been the biggest expert on the technical side of cameras & cinematography.

      In particular, I would LOVE some input on how to ensure good color matching when different brands/multiple cameras used on the same shoot (eg, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon etc). I use between 3 – 4 cameras for a typical cooking demo, for example.

      Every time I’ve done this, the blacks, reds etc. don’t quite match up between the different footage, no matter how hard I try using LUTs, color correction etc. (I use Premier Pro for editing).

      Let me know if YOU know, if there are any online tutorials, or what kind of specs are required for the individual cameras to address this?

      THANK YOU!


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      You might find this article of interest. It’s addressing color problem in photography but much that it includes can be applied to your problems.

      I have two Sony NX5U cameras that produce slightly different color, even when carefully white balanced together. To my eye it isn’t a question of color difference as much as it’s a difference of color quality. Red from both cameras looks “red,” but camera “A” seems a little more “crisp,” a little more hard-edged than camera “B”. I’ve always though this was because of subtle differences in the digital make-up of the cameras.

      For the most part I can balance the colors in post, but there are definitely times when the subtle difference remains. Using the RGB monitor and color curves seems to be the most effective tools for me.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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